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Thank You for Making Our Home Part of Your Home

For more than 50 years, Brown Squirrel Furniture has been serving East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southeastern Kentucky, providing quality home furnishings at prices that represent the best possible value. Those 50+ years are filled with our gratitude for the customers that have led us toward being the best that we can be. It goes without saying that each one of you has a piece of our heart. We are a family-owned store, which we think still means a lot. Many of our customers are also our friends - people we see every day. And, we will continue to do all that is possible to make sure that you are happy with the furniture that you have purchased at our store. Why? Because we want you all to keep coming back!

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Worn finishes, reclaimed wood, custom upholstery & metal. Contemporary looks with lots of style

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The problem with many furniture stores is that when you buy something, you have to wait. Wait for shipping to the store. Wait for delivery to your home. In some cases, even wait for weeks before they even MAKE the furniture.

At Brown Squirrel, with our 3-acre warehouse and showroom, things are a little different. You can see what you want, buy it, and take it home today in your own vehicle. No waiting. If we do need to special order a piece or a collection, we know-how to work the supply chain to your advantage, resulting in optimal lead times.

We also have a super-efficient delivery system where our truck comes to your home, when you expect it to be there with skilled delivery crews that carefully bring your furniture in and place it where you want it.

That’s one big reason to shop here. You get what you want—when you want it from a team of professionals focused on your well being and happiness.

Smith Brothers

Excellent Frame Construction - A team of highly skilled engineers and craftsmen design each style with the utmost attention to quality.

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