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ABout US


A Legacy of Quality, Value, and Fun

Brown Squirrel Furniture Warehouse began in 1971. The business is owned by the Matthews family, who having lived in Knoxville for generations, are blessed to call it home. Doug Matthews Sr., our founder and a long-time veteran of the home furnishings industry since 1959, set the bar by example. From day one, the Matthews family has been committed to running their company with an emphasis on innovation, honesty, and integrity. The Brown Squirrel employs an extended family of associates who share the Matthews’ core business perspectives and life affirming personal values. As we thankfully consider the day to day success of our enterprise, we are ever-reminded that it is these customer-centric values that continue to bring customers, old and new, into Brown Squirrel Furniture. We simply buy quality home furnishings in volume, and make it possible for customers to take home their purchase today, have them delivered within the week, or arrange expedited customized orders.

Our Mission

Brown Squirrel provides 3 acres of quality home furnishings at excellent values with friendly, efficient service in an exciting, fun environment.

Our Community

We want to be an important asset to our community with a strong level of involvement and support for the good work that needs to be done.

Our Customers

We want our customers to enjoy their experience with Brown Squirrel, as a place where they can get excellent quality and value whatever the budget, and where our service meets or exceeds their expectations.

Our Company

Brown Squirrel desires to be a profitable and successful business to appropriately serve our customers, our associates, and our community. We try to consistently reflect the integrity of our founder, Doug Matthews, Sr.


Along with providing great value, the Brown Squirrel has a playful side. The store mascot occasionally makes appearances in animated cartoon commercials, and kids are often celebrated with balloons and coloring pages. Our intention is to make furnishing living space as fun, efficient, and worry free as possible.